I have written a variety of short research/marketing pieces that are meant to be digestible for a relatively lay audience. The pieces have been featured in many publications including VettaFi (, Seeking Alpha, and

You can find some of these pieces below, or use the navigation in the drop-down menu above (hover over “Finance/Econ” without clicking) to search for pieces by topic.

Where Inflation Goes To Hide
Changing Fed Policy Tools
Corona Stimulus In Context
The Case For A Recession
This Yield Curve Inversion May Be Different
Tradeoff Between Diversification And Outperformance
Does Economic Growth Drive Earnings?
Can The Decade Long Bull Market Continue?
Can Buybacks Continue To Support Valuations?
Is Passive Investing A Bubble?
Option Overlay
Real Estate As Inflation Hedge
The Case For International Stocks
Sectors Benefiting From US China Trade Deal
Impact Of Inflation And Interest Rates On Income Products
The Case For Small Cap