This site is meant to act as a repository for some of my professional and academic work.

Professionally, I have worked in a variety of roles including research, strategy development, trading, sales/marketing, and portfolio management. I am
broadly interested in economics and finance, but am especially fond of quantitative finance (see for example my articles on optimal portfolio sizing or derivative pricing and popular option strategies) and geopolitical/global macro events (see for example my article on changing Fed policy tools). You can find links to some of my writings in the “Finance/Economics” menu above.

To support my professional responsibilities, I utilize a few different software programs and coding languages. For statistics, data science, and data visualization, I am most comfortable using R, though also know Python, Visual Basic, and Tableau. For the day-to-day aspects of my job, I am especially capable in Excel, where I am one of the leading contributors on the question-and-answer site Stack Overflow, operating under the username “EDS”. You can find a link to my Stack Overflow profile here, and see selected scripts in each of the aforementioned languages, complete with comments and explanations, in the “Programming” menu above.

Academically, I am interested in everything mathematics, but particularly algebra. Because of its reliance on this subject matter (as well as its topicality!), one of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on has dealt with cryptography. The paper sketched out common encryption schemes, ranging from simple transpositions to RSA and Elliptic Curves. Like most amateur mathematicians, I also find myself drawn to the “pop-math” sort of problems (see for example my paper building up to Riemann’s Explicit Formula For L-Functions). You can find links to some of my notes and papers in the “Maths” menu above. The pdf versions of many of the papers should be clickable, with the accompanying LaTeX files available upon request.